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Our clients comments

“I quickly felt, from the first email contact, that behind the 3 words ART TALK WRITE , there were above all two people listening, who do not seek to sell a service at all costs but who question the person first about their expectations. At the request of an assessment of my current site, I found that listening was coupled with an obvious professionalism and that things were stated and argued clearly, which was really appreciated. Finally, during our telephone conversation to explain this assessment, I appreciated the finesse and sensitivity of my interlocutor. Confidence was already there.” Cécile B., Visual artist, Grenoble (38), France, 2019.

“Thank you so much for your work! It was very enlightening and accurate! I’m thinking of coming back to you soon.” Sylvie M., Sculptor-­ceramist, Chatou (78), France, 2019.

“I’m delighted with this interview that has opened up perspectives. And it feels good to be accompanied…” Anne-­Laure H.B., Visual artist, Varces (38), France, 2019.

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About Art Talk Write

What we do at Art Talk Write

Art Talk Write provides a range of professional arts management, communication, writing and administration services in French and English, that support, promote and develop artists’ and visual arts professionals’ careers, and arts organisations, at both the national and international level.

Art Talk Write reflects our shared passion for contemporary art, and our experience in the French and international visual arts sectors. Our respective careers, mean we understand the nuances of our two native languages, French and English, and the importance of their synergy in the contemporary art world.

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Art Talk Write project background

Art Talk Write is the continuation of a successful collaboration between ourselves, that started as a chance conversation at Galerie Sépia in 2015 and developed into a gallery co-managing project. As arts professionals we share a love of contemporary art and a commitment to working with artists and colleagues, alongside an interest in language, and the central role it plays in the art world. We wanted to develop this partnership by combining both our skills in a new, France wide project. We continue to draw upon this initial collaborative experience, alongside our independent work as gallerist, arts writer and arts professionals.

About Altair Roelants

Altair’s areas of expertise include:

  • Art criticism and writing
  • Management and administration in the visual arts sector
  • Arts project management
  • International contemporary art – conceptual, installation, performance and video art
  • Contemporary and historical painting

  • Contemporary ceramics

  • Contemporary art theory and criticism

  • Art history and visual culture

Altair Roelants is a freelance arts writer, journalist and visual arts professional originally from London, who was raised in both England and New Zealand.

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About Agathe Thuillier

Agathe’s areas of expertise include:

  • Exhibition and art events organisation: coordination and communication
  • Artists promotion, particular online
  • Gallery management and administration
  • Graphic design of communication media
  • French contemporary and modern art
  • Painting, drawing, printmaking and works on paper
  • Contemporary ceramics

Agathe Thuillier is an experienced contemporary and modern art gallerist specialized in paintings, prints and ceramics and based in Midi-Pyrénées, France. Agathe is also actively involved in the organisation of exhibitions, art and cultural events.

In April 2006 Agathe opened Galerie Sépia in the bastide town of Villefranche-de-Rouergue in the Aveyron, which she ran independently for twelve successful years. Her aim was… Read more

image: Agathe Thuillier and Altair Roelants © LesMonier 2018