ATW Artist Talk

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ATW Artist Talk is an interview series where we will be speaking with artists that we’ve worked with around different themes relevant to their practice. The conversations are accompanied by their images and video footage.

To launch the project, we’d like to introduce Toulouse based mixed media artist Yvonne Calsou.

Yvonne Calsou: Time & Space

Yvonne works with drawing, installation, photography, sound and video to examine our environment and those quiet and unnoticed shifts that alter it. She adopts processes of erasure and subtle interventions into often unconventional urban and natural sites, that both employ and disrupt our perceptions of space and time.

Interview conducted by Art Talk Write in March 2021.

ATW: First of all Yvonne, please tell us what time and space mean to you?

YC: Time and space are notions that are intimately linked for me: what interests me about time is the impossibility of… Read more

Temps coloré, bleach on black canvas, 1,50 m x 2 m, Toulouse, 2014.

Uchronie, ephemeral drawing with charcoal and Spanish white, Saurat, 2020. Co-production Ancienne Pharmacie.