Communication – PR, Promotion & Press Relations (French and English)

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Utilizing a strong network of regional, national and international arts contacts that we have developed over the past 12 years, Art Talk Write can help you to effectively communicate about, and promote, your arts practice, exhibition or project, within the public domain, arts sector and press industry, with successful results. As part of these services, we will also develop a personalized mailing list for you. Some of our other specific Communication services are listed below.

Websites and social media* – design and content 

Art Talk Write can create and manage visually appealing and interesting websites and social media accounts. We can also oversee and regularly update the content of your existing accounts. This includes editing texts and writing new content, and uploading pictures and videos, when you have a new exhibition, event or project to promote, or new artworks to share. Art Talk Write can provide this as a one-off or a regular monthly service. *Please note, static content is in French/English and social media content is in French only.

Monthly newsletters – creation and distribution 

To keep the art industry informed about your current and upcoming projects on a regular basis, Art Talk Write offers a monthly newsletter, that we mail-out to art and press contacts, collectors and potential buyers, and those important to you. We can also send out a newsletter when you require it, whether it be weekly or six monthly, or just for a specific period.

Press relations

Our professional press and media services include writing eye-catching press releases, and distribution to regional, national and international industry contacts. We can be on call to respond to press enquiries, helping you to organise interviews and select suitable images. We can also contact press professionals on your behalf, to ask about the possibility of featuring your artwork, exhibition or project, in a specific publication or on a website.

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If you’re interested in another communication related service that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us to make an enquiry.

image : In Doriane Souilhol’s studio © Doriane Souilhol 2018