Writing Services (French and English)

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Art Talk Write will help you to develop, write and translate texts that clearly and concisely talk about yourself, your art practice and projects, in both French and English. It is important to us that our writing services reflect your ideas and your style as you want them conveyed, so we will work closely with you to develop texts that are right for you. These services include either advice and guidance for the writing process, or we can write complete texts for you.

Biographies/CV and artist statements

We can write or help you to develop a variety of biographical and professional texts crucial for establishing and developing your career in the national and international art world. These documents will be adaptable for you to use throughout your career in various contexts including your website and social media platforms, in your portfolio or presented in an exhibition space or to include in a residency or open call application.

Project texts, exhibition documents, catalogue and publication essays

Art Talk Write can create specific texts and essays to accompany your current projects and upcoming exhibitions, or to talk about your past work. This includes both shorter texts to use within a gallery space, on an exhibition wall or website. As well as more substantial documents and essays for exhibition catalogues or artist publications.

Translation, editing and proofreading (French <=> English)

Do you need help refining a professional artistic text in English or in French? Art Talk Write offers translation and editing services from French to English and English to French. We can also give you editing advice, proofread and correct your texts in both languages, to ensure that they are perfect.

To get a quote for all Art Talk Write services, please fill in the enquiry form on our website or email us at contact@arttalkwrite.com.

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

If you’re interested in another arts writing service that is not listed here, please don’t hesitate to contact us to make an enquiry.

Image: In Anne Goujaud’s studio (Nogent sur Marne) © Anne Goujaud 2016